Wednesday, June 6, 2012

may/june photo a day :: week five

photo a day pictures for the rest of may and the start of june 2012. my favorite word was memory because my thoughts went into overdrive trying to narrow down the picture i would use and it turned into looking through so many memorable photo's on my computer. my wedding day picture won - and i spent the evening looking through all 1,000+ pictures from that day. i've been using this website for the photo prompts for may and now june.

5.28.12 - (memory)
5.29.12 - (hope)
5.30.12 - (reaching up)
5.31.12 - (noisy) 
6.1.12 - (yellow)
6.2.12 - (today's outfit)
6.3.12 - (looking forward) to the day

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