Monday, September 10, 2012

cabinets in the making.

we are in full-renovating-swing. by "we" i mean my husband. and this includes making cabinets, of course. how can my husband let me live in a house where he did not build something. to feel as if i am contributing i helped make some cabinet doors. and by helped, i mean, i sanded, veneered and vacuumed my mess! my sweet (and very patient) husband showed me how to sand properly, how to veneer and how to smooth the edges. i am proud to say i finished 6 cabinet doors all by myself. what would he do without me...? these next few pictures are a combination of two different cabinets in the process. my dad helping with one and me helping with the other.  and my husband running between the both of us making sure everything is up to par. 
this is the inspecting stage
my dad is sanding the cabinet drawer fronts. too much heavy machinery for me!
measuring out the veneer piece...
...and adhering it to the edge of the wood
making the holes to attach the hinges
cutting the edges and sanding them smooth


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