Wednesday, December 26, 2012

christmas eve with family & friends

Christmas Eve is a big deal in our family. And ever since we got married, we've always celebrated at our home. I would prepare my house and my grandmas would prepare all the traditional food. In the process, my husband has contributed with his "shooba" and I've learned to make a few traditional dishes. This year however, our cute little home was too little for our growing family and friends, and instead we celebrated Christmas Eve at my grandmas house. In our Ukrainian tradition we don't prepare meat during Christmas Eve, but instead we have perogies (filled with potatoes & cheese or sour kraut), and "grechka" (which is buckwheat),  and lots of fish dishes that my grandma makes. Beet dishes and small caviar sandwiches are also common.

We started the evening at Generation Church with a beautiful candlelight Christmas Eve service outside under the stars.
...And continued with dinner. Gift exchanges. And of course - dessert. One traditional family staple for the holidays is "kutia." Only and always made by Totia Lilia. Made with wheat berries, walnuts, honey and loads of poppy seeds, it's a totally "love it or not" type of dish. Texture is a huge factor - so i've heard - but I personally love it.
I love that our family is growing but mostly, I love that we are now closer to one another ever since we moved to Florida. So many more family meals, traditions and holidays to come!

 Merry Christmas Eve


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