Wednesday, October 1, 2014

husband celebrates a milestone.

Do u see this handsome man?
I thank God for him everyday.
I see his talent multiplying,
as he works with his hands to honor the One who provided.
If you hand him a piece of wood,
he will make you something you never could.
But his time is hard to list,
so you better get on his waiting list.
His love for Sharick is hard to see,
but he will run all the way down the street if need be.
Can I share with you his love for food?
It starts with much requirements and goods.
The final dish is truly special,
but it takes a lot of patience and essentials.
He loves many things, such as mustangs to restore,
and hockey that can be played in the freezing cold.
He likes fishing, the ocean and tanning without lotion.
He enjoys waking up early,
and making strong coffee surely.
But his love for The Lord,
is more than any hobby he's ever scored.
I see this man grow closer and closer to God—
and it makes me love him more so with each days start.
And now this handsome man is the big-three-oh
and I pray to God he learns to love Him even more.
I pray that he'll grow as a man, as a father one day and as a husband that I surely adore.
My love—keep your eyes on our loving God and nothing in life will ever seem too tough.
Happy thirtieth my Colotkiy.
we celebrated his birthday on the white sandy beaches of mexico, with (a portion of) his family. above was the (quick/silly) poem that i wrote to him and read during dinner. his mom, who was not with us on this trip, wrote a letter reminiscing about the day he was born and what it was like for her to bring him home for all his siblings to finally meet. it brought everyone to tears.
our travel group.

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