Sunday, April 24, 2016


for dad's birthday last week we decided to take a quick trip to #TheFloridaKeys.
it's a crime to live so close and not have gone since we've moved here ... right?

since The Keys are synonymous with Key Lime Pie, here's the perfect opener ...
first stop + first selfie-stick-selfie.
since we left early in the morning on saturday, our first eating-stop was Mrs. Mac's Kitchen for breakfast 
as soon as we entered Key Largo.
while making our way to the hotel, a giant crustacean caught our attention at the 
Rain Barrel Artisan Village—so we stopped, how could we not? 
[crustacean evidence below]
the husband has this thing with feeding squirrels. so true. 
a beach day for us floridians is really any ol' day, but when you're on a mini-vacation—it feels way more special. 
birthday dinner celebration ready.
we ate at Islamorada Fish Co.—and it did not disappoint. a very casual, cool, outdoor environment. 
dad's dinner to the left—hog snapper. 
realized that we didn't get a picture of dad on his birthday ... unacceptable.
day two of our two-day trip.
en rout to Seven Mile Bridge. 
below is the old bridge, that has now been reconstructed. 
portions of the old bridge is open for walking/biking. we did no such thing.
that water is no joke, it was seriously that turquoise.
mr. selfie-stick lover. 
heading home, we stopped to eat lunch at Herbie's Bar & Chowder House
again, delicious, fresh food. 
below is the husband's fried chicken, topped with white gravy and served with 
green beans and smashed potatoes. 
huge hit.
even though we didn't make the full trek all the way down to Key West, 
we were still accompanied by bright and colorful scenery. i'm sure Key West 
is in our future. i'd go just to see the vibrant colored houses, shops, and knick-knacks.  
and finally ... Key Lime Pie!
since we were driving back on a sunday, surprisingly a lot of places were closed. we ended up stopping at the
  Blond Giraffe in Key Largo. good pie, cute place. 
for me, this kind of pie is a one-or-two-bite deal because it tends to be so creamy, rich, and sweet. 
but this particular piece ... i polished off the whole thing with a delicious cup of coffee.
until we meet again.


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