Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the beginning, but not really

i've always wanted to do this, and only now am i getting around to it. i thought it would be wise of me to start the day we moved to West Palm Beach but that never happened. so here i am. i am starting today, as if everything that has happened in the past is up to date and you know everything. but i do believe that as time goes on, you really will know everything. i want to share my life in pictures and posts and connect to people in that way.

so today...the start

this is how we got to where we live now from syracuse ny...
1. my husband {vitaly} got a job offer in west palm beach
2. he went there to try it out while i stayed home to continue working
3. a few weeks in we decided to move south
4. i put the house up for sale. i sold it by owner { yeah! }
5. we packed up. { i } cried said goodbye to our very first home together
6. for a month we lived with my parents to get through all the holidays  { such a good idea }
7. we packed up {again} and took a one-way road trip to south florida

we arrived to our new home on february 1st 2012


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