Saturday, May 26, 2012

just one of those days.

that i really (really) miss my sharick.  i wonder if he's confused by this whole situation?  we buy him, love him, train him, attach ourselves to him and then three years later we drop him off at 'grandparents' house and don't come back after a (usual) one week.  i wonder what he's thinking.  it might go like this:

mom and dad have been on vacation a super long time.  i wonder where they went?  the first few weeks at grandma's i was so well-behaved and did everything that mom taught me.  but, since they're not back yet i've decided to live it up a bit.

i am now indulging in all sorts of table food that grandma #2 gives me.  i will not say no, like mom and dad taught me, but just eat the darn good food.  in fact, when they come to get me, i will have to let them know that i enjoy the food they eat a lot more than my dog food.  i bet they didn't know that.  and if mom knew how my dog food tasted, she will probably be happy to share with me.  or maybe, they don't really know how to share!  i'll teach them when they get me.  well, grandma #2 should really teach them, she's so good at it!

and talk about sleeping till noon - why did my crazy mom always wake up so early?  nothing fun happens that early in the morning; all the action is later.

and what about all these walks i'm getting!  as soon as i start looking restless grandma #2 grabs the leash to take me out.  i don't even need to do my business.  but it sure is nice to be outside 10times a day.  i wonder if mom will take me out this much?

hopefully mom and dad are having a fun time on vacation.  in the meantime, i'll just be waiting patiently for them.  maybe they will come tomorrow.


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