Tuesday, November 5, 2013

to make a long story short - my little brother is engaged || part II

this past weekend we packed a few warm sweaters, socks and extra thick face cream to bare the cooler temperatures of o-hiiii-yo (this state was my favorite to sing in the "fifty, nifty united states" song!) olenka's family hosted the official engagement party, and it was our first time meeting the whole family. upon stepping into the home with the traditional korovai, we realized we were going to be in the sweetest most hospitable and loving hands all weekend.
star salad of the weekend.
our little family is growing. we went from four to five and soon to be six!
the bride-to-be  and her two andy's
sunday morning. 
the fall. i have no words to describe the beauty of the leaves, colors and crisp air. 
shouldn't all sunday's look like this - with the beach next door, of course?!
sunday afternoon consisted of delicious traditional ukrainian food and a large intake
of fall foliage before leaving home.
just trying to figure our martha's technique...
congratulations to my little andy and his olenka. 
excited for this coming year and the festivities it will bring!



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