Tuesday, November 12, 2013

cinque terre, italy | part I

for those of you that are not tired of my italy pictures…here come the rest! there is still cinque terre and rome to conquer.

cinque terre.
here's the truth. our whole trip revolved around making it to this place. after seeing and swooning over countless pictures, it's understandable why. our whole time in italy was saturated with things to see and do, museums to make it on time to, architecture to admire and places to check off our list. not cinque terre. our plan once we arrived was…to do nothing. for three days we did just that. we slept in, relaxed, walked, ate amazing food, watched the sunsets each night, laid at the beach and actually v.a.c.a.t.i.o.n.e.d. 
this, out of our whole trip was our favorite. honestly. 
i realized that even though we enjoyed seeing the beauty that italy had to offer in it's churches, streets, statues, architecture - the trip would not have been as delightful if it wasn't for the portion of quiet time during our trip.
this is the town we stayed in out of the five towns that are
 part of cinque terre along the ligurian coast on the mediterranean.
cinque terre = five lands. 
since our apartment was not ready when we arrived, we left our luggage at the main office and took
a walk to see exactly what was in store - we were not disappointed. 
the marina of riomaggiore
just "sampling" cherry tomatoes during our walk. 
we are not going to talk about the cactus pear. or the fact that we (and when i say we, i mean"i") decided to take one off the cactus. we will also not mention how many needles got stuck on husbands palm or the aggravation associated with removing them. lastly, we will not mentioned why i didn't know that cactus pears have needles - one would only think…
all the missing needles on this cactus pear means they were in the palm of husbands hand. 
i kinda sorta wish i was friends with this person.
we went to this grocery store everyday…ok, sometimes two or three times a day. husband of course made friends 
with the owners and found out exactly where the prosciutto, pesto, olive oil and other cheeses came from
and were made. what would i do without all this random knowledge he feeds me?!
view from our apartment. 
lets not discuss how many teeny tiny windy steps we had to take to make it there. 
we took the train that evening to the next town of manarola, and watched the sunset. 

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  1. Beautiful Pictures! This is THE reason I'd like to return to Italy someday. sadly we didn't make it to Cinque Terre the last trip...

    1. It would totally be worth it, for this place alone. We seriously enjoyed our time so much. A friend of mine said the exact same thing - she didn't make it there on her trip and now wants to go back simply to see Cinque Terre. You'll love it :) And I sure hope you do go!