Thursday, November 14, 2013

cinque terre, italy | part II

amidst our relaxing, we also hiked (trekked? who knows!) not like, real hiking, but we did something like it. i am quit proud of myself. it only took 7+ hours on an incline of ungodly proportions (coming from a non-professional). but you know, no biggie. just a typical wednesday for me - climbing up mountains and such…
p.s. for those that know this hike, and know it should only take about 5ish hours through all five towns - i'd have you know that husband and i took the "challenging" hike paths for the most part. a.) because we saw the path the day before and it didn't look too hard (pfffff - haha, that was a major oversight) and b.) there was a lady 65+ that asked for directions to that trail and since we saw it the other day we pointed her to it and decided that if she can do it…so can we.
we started in the town of manarola.
the trail from riomaggiore to manarola was closed, so we cheated and took the train - this is called pacing ourselves! 
manarola. i found the town to be very similar to riomaggiore.
since we visited the town the day before, we didn't explore much of it this day.
view of manarola from the hillside and of the tiny people (catching up) below us.
destination…the far far left…the town of monterosso
first up -> -> -> corniglia.
cornigia is the only town that does not have a seacoast.  
excuse us sir, while we ogle over your pure organic grapes. 
such pro-fesh-ionals we are. 
for those that know us, will know that this sort of thing…is not our typical thing.
why yes, those are "sampling" grapes in my hands.
my goal was simple - to make it to the other side and not fall off the edge. 
our competition. no joke. we could barely keep up. i'm blaming it on the fact that i stopped 
every 10 minutes to take a picture. it's the truth. 
we ate gelato in each town that we stopped in. it was our motivation. 
below is corniglia as seen walking towards vernazza - the next town over. 
i say that, as if the next town was just around the corner - it was certainly not. it was about 4 km over 
(keeping in mind this is 4 km through the mountains - friendly reminder).
after cornigia is vernazza - another beautiful seacoast town. 
the below picture is a view of vernazza coming from corniglia
since my sun bathing consists of sandy beaches - this was fairly interesting and funny to see. 
view of vernazza heading to monterosso.
it's almost amiss - but i'd like to point out the teeny people walking up the side of the 
mountain - that was us at one point. not bragging or anything. 
monterosso. the largest of the five coastal towns. 
fact: we took the train back "home." 
sunset at riomaggiore.

there you have it. a small sample of our hike (trek…). 

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