Tuesday, October 22, 2013

venice | italy

milan came and went, and as soon as we opened our eyes we were focused again on our map and headed to the train station. venice awaited us. we started with coffee, which we learned was simply, espresso. none of the places we went to served drip coffee. the closest thing was café americano - espresso + hot water. and for someone that has tried all year not to drink coffee - which i've been so good about - i had to throw that out the window after day one. but i totally thought it was a worth while deviation off my good track. italy = delicious strong and smooth coffee.
hello venice. why are you so  g o r g e o u s ?  
each street and turn looked like this. you didn't have to know where you were going to see something picturesque - thank heavens for that, since navigating those streets felt like a bachelors degree was needed (well, for me at least). why are husbands so naturally good at everything?!
this picture makes me laugh - we literally just got off the train and bought a map and a russian guy comes up to husband and starts asking for directions. first, v can barley speak russian and second, you can see that v's map is still all folded up and this guy is just going to town trying to explain where he needs to go! love the confused look on his face.
making our way to the rialto bridge. you honestly cannot get lost - you simply follow the crowd and get pushed onto it.
so many tourists in such a small area. i was in awe over the crowds the whole time - and we didn't even go during peak (peak!) season. 
 trying to navigate.
after some screaming sessions, i was quite proud to be holding a pigeon. 
 resting tired feet.
 good night v e n i c e. 
view from the rialto bridge on our walk back to the hotel. 

next stop | florence 


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