Saturday, October 19, 2013

milan | italy

husband and i celebrated our five-year wedding anniversary this past september in...italy. it's been a marriage-long dream to go there, and i cannot believe we actually did it! i also cannot believe that it's already all over with and all that is left is memories, stories, 5000+ pictures and a desire to go back again one day.

i booked the flight back in april but planned the whole trip about a month prior to leaving. no one really tutored me in international travel or told me that booking early is pretty much what everyone does. well, it turned out to be a little challenging with hotel choices. if i had to do it again (which i certainly hope i will in the future), i would do it even sooner. but we made it work and the truth is, with so much to see you barley spend time in the hotel anyway. 

we flew into milan and arrived fairly early in the day. this gave us almost an entire day in the city. i knew the length of time we had so i planned accordingly - not too much. we explored the city, navigated the best we could and saw everything on my detailed itinerary minus the "Last Supper" painting by Leonardo da Vinci - because, well, we didn't make it in time.

 basking in the fall sun
the duomo! the duomo! i was excited to see this beauty after swooning over countless pictures. 
this cathedral was a sight to see. magnificent and grand. 
one thing italy did not lack, was stairs. many many stairs. in each city - countless stairs to climb. and seeing the top of the duomo was no exception. stairs. stairs. and more stairs. but every high step was worth it. 
 love how statuesque the husband looks in the crowd of tourists. 
the first gelato of m.a.n.y.
this is the Convent of Santa Maria della Grazie. it is closed in this picture and inside is the beautiful "Last Supper" painting done by Leonardo da Vinci. o well. looks like we have to go back another time.
our first pizza meal. 
funny, but most places served chips with olives as a starter - in place of the typical bread and oil that we are used to having in the states.

next stop | venice 


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