Friday, August 30, 2013

to make a long story short - my little brother is engaged. we decided to throw a small party. nothing fancy. nothing big. but enough to bring attention to a pretty-much-very-big-thing in their lives.
 this lady below to the left, will be my future sister-in-law.
and this lady to the right, well, she's just very important. 
i'm in love with grandpa's side-stand pose. 
everything about the below picture is phenomenal - i think grandpa was paying too much attention to his attire. 
it takes three men to pour liquid from a pot. andy's job looks most important - 'using tongs to touch the edge of the pot'
 most important. lemon. garlic. butter. 
future 'groom-n-bride' pose

many more festivities to come leading up to the main event. 
i'm so excited for these two. 


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