Friday, July 26, 2013

|| first steps into our home ||

we are officially home owners. and we are officially neck-deep in renovations, again! 
the day we closed on our house we had the family come see it and had grandpa bless it - the way he has every place we've bought since we've been married. 
so naturally, my life has consisted of websites, fantasy bath tubs that i wonder if i'll ever sit in with a book, high-tech appliances, fancy-shmancy faucets, tile that is nowhere to be found in stores around here or at prices that equal our bank account, hardware, sconces (more on those later!!), chandeliers that i wish i could hang in every room (but husband will surely say no), pinterest, houzz and oh my - what would i do without the internet?!
new bff's. if only dima lived closer. 
hello beautiful. i have secretly always wanted a yellow house, but would never think to suggest such a color to husband - knowing he would disapprove and go for a classic gray or white. but the day we looked at it, it was just painted this yellow color (there were even drops of paint on near-by leaves) - and so...why re-paint a perfect paint job? yellow it is for a while! and surprisingly, husband even likes it. win! i also love love love that we are owners of palm trees - i mean, how can i live in florida and not have a palm tree or two. i'm also in love with all the alive! but husband already cut down a lot of the landscape in the front - no worries, there is still lots left. guess the stuff he cut down was old and dead and looked too congested. i would never know the difference but i do know that i need to start working on my green thumb. i am anticipating some intense few months but also great rewards in the end.


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