Sunday, July 21, 2013

<< oh, canada in florida >>

my oh, so sweet canadian family surprised me by showing up at my work one friday afternoon. you sneaky guys! still can't believe you all (and when i say "all" i mean a lot of people) kept a secret so good for so long. the week was spent at the beach with tons of sun and water and sand, eating ice cream, making a "mak" cake that took two days! and watching my mother-in-law get darker and darker each day. she loved it and i loved having everyone here!
pretty much one of the only kids i know that actually enjoys posing for pictures. ah, what a delight. 
i discovered that my aunt violetta is very photogenic...
i would help guys, really i would...but i have to take pictures... 
if you've been tagged in this post but you are not in the pictures - well, that only means 
you need to be. so get your buns over here canada! 


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