Thursday, June 26, 2014

olenka's bridal shower //

decided to re-enter this blog of mine with a fabulous event…

the wedding of-the-year is right around the corner and to celebrate the beautiful bride-to-be, her closest friends and family showered her in mid-June with love, support, kind words, funny stories, spectacular food, old memories and all the gifts a girl could ever need for a new home.

all the talent below belongs to zhanna, inna and vera. what a team.

in case you were trying to crash the party, the sign pointed you in the right direction. 
the bride-to-be with her maid of honor. 
the set-up was spectacular and the weather could not have cooperated better. 
i totally forgot what a warm summer afternoon feels like up north compared to an always 
warm summer afternoon in florida; two words: crisp + refreshing. (i missed those vibrant green 
and crisp summers for a minute, but then my mind wondered right back to the salty air and 
the ocean and the constant warmth, and i loved it all over again). 
a small segment of the guests. all in the white, as requested. 
look at that cake! probably one of a few out there that tastes equally as good as it looks.
mother of the soon-to-be-groom (my mama), the bride-to-be and myself. 
the groom-to-be grilled. i mean, he couldn't just stand there and look handsome, 
he needed a duty. 
a mom with all her daughters. 
sitting around on blankets as fluffy as clouds.
i felt so refined drinking from this dainty cup.
the cutest attendee by far. 
here are a few snippets of the next day. which was all about the wedding plans. 
that's the bride-to-be hiding behind the old fashioned lined-paper with scribbles and notes 
and edits for the wedding program. 
discussing very important tid-bits about the big day. did i mentioned that everyone who is family or close 
is involved. everyone. and wow, how gorgeous is that mid-evening light!?
hi girls. i'm so excited to be officially related to you all so soon.

wedding day…i can't hardly wait for you. 

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