Tuesday, November 26, 2013

cinque terre + rome, italy

if you're curious why it's taking me so long to finish posting my whole trip - well, there is no other reason 
than because i want to draw this trip out as long as possible and pretend that i am still there.
so here you are.

leaving cinque terre and heading to rome - our last stop.
first-things-first when arriving in a new city - get a m.a.p. and e.a.t.
- rome - 
the Altare della Patria (or Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II) - built to honor the unification 
of Italy and the nation's first king, Victor Emmanuel II.
ah - something more familiar, the colosseum. no explanation necessary. 
in love with the street lights. 
the trevi fountain at night. i have no words for this crowd.
the spanish steps.
by this time, after traveling by train for five+ hours, searching for our hotel (more like wondering 
aimlessly for a bit), site seeing and walking - the spanish steps did not have much of a luster and the stairs to 
climb felt more like an obstacle rather than an exciting part of travel. 
we will conquer them tomorrow.
...but having dinner is always, well, necessary no matter how tired you are.

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