Friday, December 13, 2013

rome, italy | part II

we woke up early the next morning to see rome...without thousands of people [in my pictures!] we got coffee 
and pastries and walked to see the Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Steps) and the Fontana di Trevi
and since i have a total love for morning, this was exactly how i always imagined seeing rome 
and all the marvels.
the later part of the day was spent in Vatican City. apparently on "tourist day" which meant free admission, 
millions of people and insanely long lines. even though i was generally opposed to having too much of 
our trip spent with tour guides (which we only did in florence), we do regret not having a tour guide 
for the Vatican because there was so much to see and we really wish we knew what we were 
looking at - but we managed to eavesdrop on a few conversations while moving at 
snail speed through the museum. ha.

entrance to St. Peter's Basilica. 
all the "paintings" in St. Peter's Basilica are actually mosaics made of tesserae.
Michelangelo's Pietà
˙˙˙˙the lines˙˙˙˙and the crowds˙˙˙˙
headed to the Cappella Sistina (the Sistine Chapel)
The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo
The Last Judgement by Michelangelo 
a favorite. can you spot the husband?!
and after much walking, squeezing and pushing - food time never fails. 
five years with this man!
Piazza Navona on a bright sunny day was dreamy.
the Pantheon
i just could not get over the mass amounts of people!
"ciao rome! until next time."
and the final image is of us looking whipped after only a few hours of sleep, waking up in the middle of the night
to catch a shady taxi and make it to the airport. only to wait around for several hours while everything was closed. 
and then fly. and then take a train home. the last picture is the very end of our trip - tired eyes 
that reminisce a memorable vacation. 

italy was a dream. and i feel beyond blessed to have shared it with the man i have called my 
husband for f.i.v.e. years now. 

happy anniversary.

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