Tuesday, December 31, 2013

a colder christmas // 2013

our festive holiday season started with taking pictures of this cutie. he was having a fun time - until we wanted 
him to do snow angels in the sand. he refused. saying that he'll get dirty. oh, z, i love you to pieces.
this was the start of our christmas gift to one another - making a living room light together. 
the update: it turned out to be rocket science trying to figure out the angles and bevels, and cuts, oh my! this project 
is now with legit math wizards trying to figure out the formulas. sheesh.
it started out all fine and dandy….
until we got to this part…
and so, our christmas festivities brought us to family in colder climates || canada. 
we got to be cold, wear coats, run from the car to the store, wear slippers and husband got to shovel snow 
wearing his dads old shooba. i also got to sip tea strictly because i was feeling chilly.
\/ \/ christmas morning. \/ \/ 
the youngest of the bunch.
ukie food favorites: grechka (buckwheat), fresh cucumbers and marinated cabbage.
a book exchange between husband and i this year.

a very merry christmas. 

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