Thursday, August 16, 2012

does life.

ever feel as if it's at a stand still? 

you know, the kind where you're doing things and things are happening but nothing is really moving it forward? 

or the kind where you get excited only to be crushed with reality? - hate that. 

or the kind where you talk-talk-talk and plan-plan-plan but it feels likes monday all over-and-over-and-over again (wait a minute, that's a bad comparison since i actually love monday's and find a lot of hope and encouragement in them - but you know what i mean, right?)? 

or the kind where you're so anxious for the next thing, it feels as if nothing is happening in the meantime (and then, like a dummy, you forget to enjoy the sweet ripe fruit of the present - hate that too!). 

i don't know, i sometimes feel that way. just saying. life sometimes feels as if it's at a standstill. i'm not too bend out of shape over it - just acknowledging it. and trying to remind myself to eat all the ripe fruits in front of me - here are a few over the past days that i've enjoyed.  

girls sharing not-so-secret recipes at Cabana's
favorite thing to do - read my magazines cover-to-cover in one sitting


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