Saturday, August 25, 2012

the men/boys/babies in my life.

since mama left for Ukraine (temporarily, that is!) i am left at home with four boys. no biggie. just me, a husband, a brother, a father and my sharick + baby z at times. it can get pretty boyish around here. and by boyish i mean: recyclables in the trash (!!). shoe insoles being eaten. tons of car / truck / boat / and jet ski talks. ice cream cones late at night. frozen pizza - yea, no hiding it, it's made a comeback in this house. and late nights watching the news and weather (what is with boys and the weather?).

big-boy baby z is taking sharick for a walk.
all the boys. (oleg is missing with his cruiser).
but that's me - unseen, cruising behind them in the car with the dog.
late night ice cream cones. 
chick-fil-a's frozen cones are dreamy - icy, light and custardy-like.
tea-time with z and the family
love this - pure brotherly love!


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