Wednesday, July 18, 2012

this day happened not too long ago. birthday. for me.

way over due, but...
i had a birthday pass. not too long ago. 
and i absolutely love my birthday! 
truthfully, i am a huge fan of birthdays in general - i think that no matter the age and no matter how unnecessary you think it is to celebrate, you should always celebrate with something sweet, something small or big, something obnoxious, something romantic or just plain simple. friends should be included. along with family and cake. presents are not necessary (but are secretly special). you should include your dog (if he's not in another state), and you should stay up until midnight to take full advantage of your entire special day. 
 i don't care that i am getting older one bit - all i know is that it's my day, all day - and i've secretly waited for it all year.
thanks to all my family and friends who wished me sweet and lovely birthday blessings. 
you made my day special. 


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