Wednesday, December 12, 2012

birthday for love.

(maybe it was a computer glitch.)
(maybe this post fell into a black hole for minute.)
(maybe life got a little busy.)
(maybe i just forgot.)

(but i need to share this event. i love birthdays. i love my husband. and how can i not?)

husband turned twenty eight this year, and as much as i love birthdays it broke my heart that this year on his actual birthday-day i was not able to be there. so, instead i tried to make it up to him by celebrating it for three days straight.  the days included; our family, a three-dozen-glazed donut cake (thanks, ruthie for all your sticky-finger help!), dinner with just the two of us eating a bunch of courses super slow, presents wrapped in local newspaper, girly ribbon (cause that's all i had), brunch, mimosas, eavesdropping, and lots a of 'happy birthdays.'
love you husband. happy birthday. 

p.s. i know these pictures look like it's summer outside (and maybe it was at the time), but no one would ever really know because it still looks like summer most days around here.

him being my husband is a pretty darn good reason to celebrate him being born. 
love, your wife.

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