Wednesday, December 5, 2012

do it yourself. glass Christmas tree ornaments.

living in this tropical state for the first time (ugh, i know!) has gotten my husband and i a little out of the Christmas decorating-shopping-chilly-cozy-feeling that it usually is. so this year i decided to get a little more hands on and make some of my own Christmas tree ornaments. glass ones. with glitter and fun things inside to be exact. i braved Michaels during their huge sale, moving ever so slowing through the aisles - and my goal was to find whatever sparked Christmas inspiration (and to get as little glitter on me  possible).
project number one :: 
glass ribbon ornaments
start with clear glass ornaments.
i bought mine at Michaels. they're under $5 (not to mention if you make it there during a sale and use a coupon - way cheap and worth it!)
 i used wire bound tinsel ribbon. you can use just about absolutely anything ribbon-ish. cut the amount you want and just stuff the glass ornament. the wire worked great here because it kept it's shape. i also liked the felt cut-out ribbon. it looked beautiful in the glass ornament. (not pictured).  
and voilá. instand dazzler!

 project number two ::
glitter ornaments
 baby oil. 
you're going to flip about this. so simple and easy. and nothing fancy-shmancy about it. no craft glue. no martha stewart special project things. just plain baby oil. 
remove the tops. (obviously.)
make a funnel and pour a small amount of the baby oil into each ornament.
this is a little messy and oily.
swirl it around to cover the whole inside. or you could do half and cover only half with glitter - whichever you desire. 
once you cover the inside, gently spill the remaining oil out and tip the ornament upside down to let more of the oil out. i cradled mine over the actual ornament box they came in. let them drip as you continue to fill the other ornaments. 
glitter. your choice. endless.
again, make a funnel - use a piece of tape to hold it in place. 
pour sparkly-fun glitter into each ornament.
note: you'll need more than you think, so pour away.
you'll be able to re-use the remaining for the next ornament.
Oooo. Ahhh. 
swirl. swirl. swirl.
re-use the remaining in the next ornament by pouring it through the funnel you made.
at the very very end, i threw out the left over (used and oily) glitter. 
and there you have it. 
the color choices are endless. 
there is also many different types, sizes and shapes of glitter. 



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