Saturday, December 29, 2012

i have a new addiction.

i'm a true coffee drinker - but this, this might just change me. i've been using my Christmas presents to brew some phenomenal teas. and i must say, the process and the gadgets is what will have the power to convert me. it's soothing. it's intricate. it's delicious. i like how the water and steep time need to be specific (but not mandatory because there is no way i know if my water is at 208 degrees right now). 
i also like how it forces me to sit down and open my stack of reads. yes, of all things it forces me to read. after taking the time to steep a cup of tea it's a shame to drink it while rushing around the house doing hundreds of things at a time sipping it only when you walk past it. so instead, i've been steeping and reading. 

(*and honestly, probably only for this week because i have a little time off!*)

so yes, right now, i like this little addiction.
maybe coffee will stay my morning and tea will be my afternoon/evening.


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