Saturday, January 5, 2013

new year's eve.

oh, 'hi new year.' just like that.
new year's eve proved to be quite a delight. it was spent with my family and good friends. food, balloons, bubbles, the making of my first turkey and very tired eyes. in all honesty, i'm sad to see 2012 go. it was a very big year for us. memorable. and quit a milestone. so many things happened. so many changes. our entire living has changed tremendously. our family and our extended family has changed as well. mostly, we've learned what we're capable of as a couple and a family. we leaned on one another more then before and the reward was worth it.

as the new year begins, i have no resolutions. no big endeavors. other than to recognize the small things and the blessings that i know surround me daily. to be open. to enjoy and relish even in the unenjoyable. to continually appreciate my husband and let it be known to him. to walk my dog more.

with that said, welcome 2013.

happy 2013. 


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