Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a memorial day well spent

here are a few pictures from our weekend trip to miami.  since it was a long (holiday) weekend, we decided to take full advantage of it. 
we stayed at the viceroy hotel. the infinity pool + the view = spectacular
dinner was not taken lightly.  we waited all day for this.  we ate at michael's genuine food & drink and it was everything our hungry bellies imagined.  the food is served by small, medium, large and extra large portions that are meant to be shared (or not!).  the food they serve is local, fresh and a new menu is prepared daily (our server made sure to tell us the menu was printed that afternoon - and each afternoon that is - before dinner is served).  
we started with the crispy sweet & spicy pork belly served with kimchi, crushed peanuts and pea shoots.  neither of us are big on pork, but we embraced this dish dearly.  
i had the black grouper with a lychee vinaigrette. p.s. i watched as the cook peeled the lychee, not pop open the can.  very impressed i must say. 
overall the food took a good chunk of time to get to us - but i don't consider that a complaint.  to me it means that things were actually prepared to order and not part-prepared or pre-cooked.  
this place knows good food.  
morning + coffee + the promise of a fresh day and start
husband + newspaper + not a care in the world (no idea how he manages to do that so often - which i admire jealously...) + not having to make the bed = a successful mini-vacation 
if you want to see miami dead - wake up early and on a holiday.  not a soul in sight.  we were lucky to find a breakfast place that was open.
happy memorial day.
no big deal - we just happened to be walking on the bridge when the bars went down and the lights started flashing and the bells ringing.  i was so dumbstruck (and kinda scared) i didn't know if to power walk forward or go back the shorter distance.  if it was wasn't for husband i would have continued to step left and right not knowing where to go for much longer than needed. 
last of the pool, the reading, the lounging, the-nothing-to-worry-about-for-right-now feeling.  (i do try to keep that feeling with me more often).


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