Thursday, June 20, 2013

my father.

my dad usually doesn't worry about anything never worries about anything. seriously. i wonder often why i didn't inherit those genes from him - and yet, when i proudly go through a situation without giving myself a heart attack in the midst of it, i know that that trait came from him. 
in his life: he's been in the army, rode motorcycles without helmets (!!), got spat on by a camel, wooed my mom to marry him by his love letters, pushed me in my baby carriage in the park - in the middle of night - because it was the only way i would sleep, packed up a few bags and bought a few pieces of gold and moved his family from ukraine to america, had another - much easier - baby, moved several times within america, bought and sold several homes, owns a business, experienced the loss of his father, recently decided one sunday evening that it was time to make some changes and moved to florida, and on top of it, managed to stay so dang handsome  - you know, a typical life. and through all my years of knowing him and living with him, i don't recall seeing him worry. i've never been around him when he's anxious (except in an excited way! which is so funny to see because he smiles so hard his eyes close shut). i haven't seen him get angry or show defeat. and knowing the life he had - there seemed many opportunities for those typical human emotions. not in him. he is solid. and strong. and the best roll model my husband (and myself) could ever ask for.
he leads his family with confidence, assurance and a worry-free spirit that makes me marvel and think, "how come i can't be more like that." to which he replies, "why not? you can." 
i am proud to call him my father. 
i am proud that my husband calls him his father. 
happy father's day,  tato. 

these two were not excited that i made them roll up their pants on sunday, (accidentally) sit in a puddle of water and take "portraits" of them. but i thought it was fairly cute! 

i guess my squinty eyes come from him. i'm ok with it.


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