Saturday, May 11, 2013

siesta key. weekend trip. part II

a few more from our siesta key trip. we spent all the next day at the beach. reading, talking, planning, napping and people watching. even though we live so close to the beach and it's accessible - well, at anytime, there is something different and special about going away and calling it a "trip" or "vacation." 
oooh...that sand. i couldn't get enough. i brought home w(aaa)y too much. 
 he had no idea...and it didn't look much different when i finished! all i can say, is that his face was not burnt - and i cannot attest that for the rest of our flesh!
we finally got our oyster fix that night.
on our last day, we ate in a doll house with adorable colored furniture. enjoyed the last of the beach. packed up. cleared the shelves at trader joes and drove home. with enough time that evening to still relax at home. i'd say - a pretty successful weekend. need more of those in my future. 

until next time siesta key.


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