Saturday, May 4, 2013

siesta key. weekend trip. part I

not too long ago we ventured out to the other coast, the west coast that is, to enjoy siesta key beach -"america's best beach". all i wanted to do was rub my toes with this hyped-up-amzaingness-of-powder-white-sand.
our trip started at 6am that morning when husband woke me up to watch the sunrise over the water-knowing that on that same day we would be able to watch the same sun set over the water on the other coast. amazing.  
we pack light. not much needed for two days at the beach.
 and then some essentials. i'be been loving the laura mercier tinted moisturizer. 
and so - here she is. america's best voted beach (even though this was for 2011, i think it's still fantastic that this beach is pretty much in our back yard). siesta key beach is very wide, that was the first very noticeable difference to us. then the white sand. i have to say, i was not disappointed over the hyped-up powdery-whiteness of it (the way that you sometimes are when someone tells you a certain movie is so uuh-maaaazing! no, none of that). it was just as everyone describes it: powdery white and cool to the touch. your feet do not sink in too deep (making walking and running (running? what?) on the sand very easy). i'd say, it's comparable to white flour or corn starch - really!
< singer island sand vs. siesta key beach sand >
 unfortunately, we were not able to see the sunset over the water as planned because it was very cloudy that evening. 
we ate at captain curt's crab and oyster bar for dinner. 
i was starting to see that siesta key held many records - behind me you'll see that the clam chowder was voted 'worlds best.' well, what do you know... i will say, that for an oyster bar - they ran out of oysters very early in the evening - no go for us since oysters were what we were craving.
and then this happened. we accidentally found trader joe's and i could barley contain my excitement. 

more to come.


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