Wednesday, August 20, 2014

life so far...

trying to put my new sewing machine to good use. shopping beautiful fabrics. 
saw so much that i couldn't even decide what to buy.
made crepes [by myself] for the first time. major success.
i wrote about my very first crepe making experience here.
visitors from georgia that cooked for us all week long. yes, please!
lilia and husband - catching fish for her aquarium.
embracing the tropics with fresh coconut.
we gave these jasmine vines a fair year to show us what they can do. turns out, all 
they can do is create a big gnarly mess. so we chopped them. now … what to replace them with ...
ohio visitors. which included guacamole, cayenne (!) pepper, sharick digging through 
suitcases for the usual items, late night coffees and icosahedrons.

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