Friday, February 8, 2013

sunday. during the super bowl.

while everyone watched the super bowl this past sunday - ruthie and i jazzed things up and made a crepe cake.  with the help of grandma's expertise. it started with me asking grandma how to make dough for crepes (she makes killer crepes, or blinchiki as we ukrainians call them).  the conversation went like this:

grandma: "you first put in some flour..."
me: "how much flour?"
g: "enough to fill the bowl..."
m: "what do you mean? how big is this bowl?"
g: "it doesn't have to be exact, just flour. then you add some milk and water and oil. make sure you add oil..."
m: "how much milk? a cup or two?
g: "enough it make it very liquidy..."
m: "but them how much water compared to the milk."
g: "oh, mariana, it doesn't matter. just enough to make the dough liquid."
m: "grandma, i think it's best if you come here."
g: "why, it's just a few ingredients. it's the simplest thing..."

she ended up coming.  i had too many questions!  when she started putting everything together, i really can not tell you how much you need of everything! seriously.  it went like this: a little flour.  more flour.  a little bit of milk (or so she said...) but it turned out more like half the 1liter bottle we had, water (no idea how much she put in) and maybe a splash of oil.  more flour.  more milk.  more water.  mix mix mix.  an egg.  a little more flour.  i can proudly say that i can replicate it (i made a second batch by myself for the crepe cake), but i understand that the portions cannot be confined to measuring cups.

and then the cooking process started.  we used two pans.  you use more if you want to make more at the same time.  you pour the dough onto pan, but not too much and not too slow (because it will cook unevenly) and then you flip it into the second pan once the top looks set.  we needed to make a few for me to see what "set" looks like! you only use a dap of oil for the first round - which doesn't usually turn out to be a keeper.  and you need to move fast so the pan doesn't sit over the hot burner empty.

for the cream filling, we used mascarpone cheese, honey, fresh lemon juice and sour cream.  the end result was not sweet enough.  i would add more honey or a combination of honey and sugar plus vanilla.

 note: i plan to make this again.  with more sugar and a recipe. 


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