Tuesday, February 5, 2013

uncharted territory :: south beach

cirque du soleil. have you ever seen it? it's beyond words awesome. all i could think of when watching it is how amazing the human body is. it's mind blowing to know what it is capable of with discipline, determination, sweat, long hours of practice and of course, makeup. in addition, the creativity of the stages and the costumes are right up there with the performance skills. i was in awe almost the whole time. a favorite were the swing performers. 
i snuck in a few shots of the performance. note: i do believe that all the seats they offer are decent. we bought some higher prices tickets, not knowing what to expect and thinking that since it's our first show we really wanted to get the full experience. but next time, i will not be spending that kind of money. for one, the arena is not huge. so even if you get a good deal sitting at the tippy top you still see everything and it doesn't feel miles away. second, the stage is round and they perform utilizing the whole stage and moving a lot from one side to the other. we sat in the middle but for a cheaper price it would not make or break the show to sit on either side. third, after seeing the set-up i would not buy the vip seats at the very front - they're so close that it reminds me of sitting front row at a movie theater with your head tilted way up the whole time. 

and then off to miami. south beach to be more exact. we fist landed at joe's stone crab on washington ave. for lunch. the sit-down restaurant was closed at the time but the carry out part was open. 

the last time i had stone crabs was in wildwood, nj on a family trip so many many years ago. eating them brought back memories of the boardwalk and the tramcar. now when i eat stone crabs i'll think of this place (or both). 


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