Saturday, November 8, 2014

love series—b l u e

a while back my imagination sparked (which happens seldom, so when it does, i take it) and i decided to text the husband a series of questions. not really knowing what i was going to do with it all, but i figured that i would wait for his answers and take it from there. what followed was a series of poems (i say that lightly so as not to offend any true poets) that i wrote incorporating each word that he responded with. each one had a different feel and action/activity associated with it. in the end, i realized that my point was just to do something fun, special and sentimental with the two of us or just for him.

the questions i asked were:
• Name a movie that has to do with love.
• Pick a fruit, any fruit.
• What part of a guys outfit do you like best when he looks "dapper."
• Pick a color.
• Pick an herb.
• Chocolate or peanut butter? 

i didn't give him all the poems at once, honestly, as i write this i still have to give him two more. i've given him the poems when the mood strikes, when i feel like doing something special and nice, when i feel our relationship needs a good kick-start. he had no idea what all his words would add up to and even after the initial text he kept trying to figure it out. finally i said to him, "it's a game, are you in or not." "i'm in."
below is the first poem i gave him. 

Pick a color——b  l  u  e
You selected the color blue, 
And I bet you had no idea what I was going to do. 
But I have a treat and a great surprise,
Because what's the one thing that is blue that I have not been true to?
If you guessed the clouds or the ocean, you are wrong. 
Because I have already sung those songs. 
But that body of blue waters in our back yard, 
Is longing to be dipped in so hard!
So take off your clothes and do a fist pump
Because dear husband, we are about to jump!
this particular poem is so true! since we moved into the house, i hadn't even gone into the swimming pool. he would go each morning or at night. so one night, while we were getting ready for bed, i asked him to come outside and had an envelope with the words—b  l  u  e—written. he read it and his eyes lit up! we jumped in and swam around in the dark.


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