Monday, December 1, 2014 2014.

this year, thanksgiving was celebrated at panochko's house. while growing up, for as long as i can remember, 
thanksgiving always equaled tota nala's house and multiple turkey's. all the adults sat in the dinning room and the 
growing number of kids would sit at the kid's table and then hurry to play as soon as dinner ended. we've since 
had to attempt turkey's on our own, but nothing compares to celebrating at tota nala's house. 
it feels like thanksgiving when it's there.
 i would be under exaggerating if i said my aunt loves succulents—loves is also an understatement. 
she has a mini farm of succulents in her backyard (and actually all around her house). i love how she 
incorporated these gorgeous plants into her thanksgiving decor.
so as not to waste perfectly good apples, she spray painted them with edible gold paint—but, of course she did!
can't forget about the kids.
urijah | sophia
dessert table. indulgence table. calories-that-don't-count-table. call it what you may. 
mia | urijah

the inside of this year's turducken!
let's be clear what the center piece of thanksgiving entailed; deboning a whole turkey, a duck and a chicken. 
stuffing the chicken inside the duck, then stuffing the duck inside the turkey. all the while, keeping the 
skin intact as much as possible. delicious stuffing was added and then everything was baked. 
(personally, i think thawing the turkey is complicated enough!)
let's not remind me how delicious this turkey was.

marco | jonah
lots of fire chats and marshmallow roasting for the night.
mia | gino | urijah | zachariah | jonah | sophia
the husband, curing colds + coughs + sore throats
the remains of the best-cake-ever (poppyseed cake with sour cream frosting—if you're ukrainian, you understand
sour cream frosting!)
citrus farm on the drive home.


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