Monday, February 9, 2015

reminiscing the birthday beaches.

in the middle of this winter where i tend to find a little more semblance of my days after the surge of the holidays, it occurred to me—isn't it about time for a vacation? since i do not have one planned on the horizon, here are some pictures as i remember a great one.
when i say we's an understatement.
guys, in case you're wondering...this is what thirty looks like.
birthday dinner happenings and letters and cards.
they decided to put a monkey on my head—and laugh.
me and my coffee and wally and his sweets-concoctions.
our eightsome. what fun!
i convinced him to buy me a floaty from the gift store, he had no idea he'd be the designated carrier. oops.

adios mehico. until next time.

more on husbands thirtieth birthday on this post.

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