Friday, March 20, 2015

love series—s e n s e & s e n s i b i l i t y

not too long ago I gave the husband another one of my [love series] cards. the night seemed peaceful and we were actually making it to bed at a decent hour, so it just seemed perfect to begin a snuggle-up-type movie.

i asked him in the beginning to "name a movie that has to do with love."  honestly, he had a hard time
picking one and kept suggesting movies that either creep me out or are totally not romantic and love-like.
but, i guess it only makes sense since these types of movies are not his typical pick to begin with.
so i helped and selecteds e n s e   &   s e n s i b i l i t y
because it is one that we have not seen and both do enjoy a bit of hugh grant (i know, i know!).

below is the poem i gave to him this night.

I know that you had a tough time picking the love kind.

But I know you well, and I know that this does not mean you don't think love is swell.

But I picked this movie, because it's simple and sweet,

And I all want to do is relax, cuddle and make this a treat.

So lay your head down and snuggle with me,

But whatever you do, do not fall fast asleep.
after the seemingly three-hour long movie with many water and snack breaks, the husband exhaled with 
a serious look of satisfaction on his face and says, "well, i can finally say i watched the 
classic pride & prejudice." to which i nodded, gently put away the laptop and 
said, "except....ummm, we just watched sense & sensibility." 
the look on his face—totally priceless. 
i guess we have one more to go in the future....

what is this all about? read about it in the initial post here


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