Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"shark-zone" birthday theme -- zachariah is f.i.v.e.

the cutest little peanut turned f.i.v.e. a few weeks ago—he thought it best to celebrate his f.i.v.e years with a shark themed birthday party, but of course he did...
mama and son.
all-sharks-all-the-time ... even the food.
master griller.
a little boy and his father.
three generations of sulyma men...
a teeny-tiny malfunction made the cake look like it went under an intense "shark-attach" — it's only appropriate. 
B. I. R. T. H. D. A. Y.    B. O. Y.    I. S.    F. I. V. E.
love this picture...he got a bit shy during the birthday song.
a favorite ... \/ \/ \/ ... right here! how precious is that innocent look while serving cake to his friends?! 
more sharks!


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