Thursday, July 27, 2017

kentucky derby bridal shower | #YeeHarmony

what happens when your bride-to-be-friend rides, loves, and is all about horses, and you need a theme for her bridal shower? well, you combine the two, of course! so there you have it. a Kentucky Derby themed-bridal shower for the lover of all things horses. 

we celebrated on a beautiful saturday afternoon with Kristin's close friends both from near and far. we ate, drank shirley temples, played the traditional bridal games, and discussed all things-marriage for the soon-to-be-bride. 

until september mr. and mrs. yee. follow their journey at #YeeHarmony on instagram.
my handmade derby hat. wish a had a close up of Kristin's "winner's circle" hat, but you'll just have
 to take a good look at there head.

"mint to be" bath salts for guests to take home and soak their feet in.
wish i could be there on her big day to help adjust her hair, dress, and make everything perfect—but having 
this picture will be the closet thing—since baby girl is due right around her special wedding day.
the bride-to-be- and her matron of honor. 
the kentucky hot brown sliders were stuffed with turkey, gouda cheese, bacon, and pimento peppers, and then 
smothered in a garlic onion butter and baked. yeah...they were as good as they sound.
the bride-to-be's favorite: shirley temples. 
handmade blanket by a family friend for the couple. 
so proud to call this girl my friend, and so happy for her as she takes part in an amazing journey through married life. 
cheers to the big day!


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