Friday, August 11, 2017

#babylehkyi's nursery

here we are, almost at the end of this pregnancy, and i cannot believe it.
but the story started so much sooner. v and i discussed often how we would renovate one of our extra rooms
into the nursery. but that day and dream came much later than anticipated.
once that positive test rang true, the renovations began—well, shortly after.
the gathering was easy since i've been eyeing certain pieces for a while; such as the crib and the lighting,
and the wallpaper [err, more on that below]. the other things just fell into place.
here is our journey from start to finish of the room. 

below v is demoing the old closet to turn into wardrobe cabinets that he will build.
we also decided to do paneling on half the walls because it would allow us to wallpaper the whole room,
without wallpapering floor to ceiling and having it possibly look overwhelming.
that's baby girls room from our front yard. curtains will be necessary for sure...
cabinets getting installed. 
paneling is in!
sconces came next. don't you love my dad's helping/supervising skills?! lol. 
and now the wallpaper. i know i wanted something gentle, not too baby-like, but with an impact. 
when we looked at nursery inspirations we seemed too have a good idea of what we liked and wanted. turned out 
to be  harder than expected. once it came to actually deciding, that was a different story. we clashed...big time. 
we ordered about six'ish samples, narrowed it down to two and then spent two weeks deciding between the two! 
since we both really liked our top two options, i seriously think we just woke up one day and said, "let's go with x." 
mainly because we really needed to get a move on it.

when the rolls came in, i know we both had our doubts. "will this look good?" "there's no turning back." 
"there is no return policy for these." "i hope it'll all come together..." but we went for it and just hoped for the best. 
** wallpaper companies need to provide bigger samples. (just like those stupid tiny paint swatches you try 
to use and figure out if the 2" piece of colored paper will look good on 100's of square feet of wall!) ridiculous.

fuel to the left...measuring to the right. 
as it progressed and more pieces went up...we would step back and reaffirm ourselves that it looks good. 
"you like it right?" 
"i do. do you?" 
"i like it too, do you?" 
oh my, i would have been so annoyed by us if overhearing that conversation. haha. 
watching the professional while i snack on ice-cold citrus. 
and bang! we done!
and now the dresser. many people asked about the dresser after my IG post. v built it. totally and fully. 
we saw something similar a while ago and he built it to better fit and match the nursery. 
it'll be a piece that i hope to transition for her from now until she's older. 
he built the dresser in the shop, but installed the drawer frames at home. 
the light fixtures we also something fairly easy for us to decide on. we saw, we liked, we bought.
unrolling of the rug. this rug was a quick and easy purchase online. we simply found something neutral and
hoped for the best (without obviously being able to touch and feel it). even though it's wool, it's very soft to walk
on and the piling is not horrible. i personally love it and would order another one for other rooms if needed.
now the crib. oh the crib. we ordered this as soon as we found out we were pregnant. regardless if the baby was a
boy or girl, we were going to make the room work with this crib because it was something i saw and
loved a long time ago. 
helping put the pins into grommets for the bookshelf.
and here we are. cheesy and proud little parents-to-be.
unveiling of the giraffe from my sister in-law, tanya. 
and now the exciting part. once the dust settled and the big pieces were in, 
i started placing all her little things into the closet and drawers!
the curtain rod. we wanted an acrylic rod but were having a hard time finding good hardware for it, without it 
being through the roof pricey. so we ordered two 4' acrylic rods from online metals that we would attach in 
the middle. the hardware is quite simplistic—the brackets are from amazon, and the end caps are actually copper 
plumbing end caps from home depot. v spray painted everything to match the bronze. and, done!
even the handiest of handy-men read instructions. ha.
days and nights were spent just sitting and admiring the nursery as we finalized the tiny details.
packing her things for the hospital.
and here is the final room. 
for all those that asked, i've added links to some of the items i could find and where to buy them. 
everything will be at the very bottom. 
a peek inside the drawers...
looking so pretty and gentle with all the lights on 

wallpaper: GP&J Baker Water Edge Dove wallpaper (we ordered from Decorator's Best)
matching ottoman: Baxton Studio Ottoman
rug: Rugs USA
scones:West Elm (but no longer available)
mirror: made by v
dresser: made by v
all woodwork and cabinets are done by v
hardware on dresser: Sumner Street Knob
hardware on closet: Sunmer Street Pull


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