Saturday, July 8, 2017

you're the pineapple of my eye || baby shower

my first baby shower! can you believe it!?
we celebrated in syracuse with long-time friends, and family that still live in new york.
as usual, the summer day was perfection with bright clear skies, but cooler in the evening—perfect for sitting out. 
my aunt violetta and my mom hosted the bash, while martha was the lead on all the beautiful decor that made it the sweet theme that it was, "you're the pineapple of my eye." my mother-in-law baked all the delicate and delicious sweets and brought them all the way from canada.
it felt surreal to have the attention on a growing belly, something that i've waited for, for so long.
opening up gifts for baby girl didn't event feel real, it still doesn't even though the cutest onesies, clothes, and awesome gear is sitting at my house.
my mind is still processing the fact that there will be a baby. my baby. our baby. that i'll be a mother soon...
en route with the family. my left foot swelled for the first time in this pregnancy on the flight—probably 
because i fell asleep on it for two hours. haha. 
"you're the pineapple of my eye"
twenty nine weeks pregnant during this time.
the two hostesses. 
the boys, even though they were not invited to the party, they were still put to work [the usual!]
martha, the other host that did all the decor, games, and baby shower touches.
still waiting on that birthday date....due date is August 31...we'll see.
baby food testing guessing game. i lost. big time.
so special that my cananda family came.
whelp, she has her itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini!
resting our tired feet for the night.
saying goodbye to canada.
v practicing his swaddle game with baby Chloe. 


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