Friday, July 8, 2016

uncharted territory :: winter park, fl

one thing i've been "planning" to do is to visit some of the florida springs around the state. did you know that florida has one of the largest concentrations of springs on earth? most of the springs are located in northern and central florida. wild, right? i've been researching for a while and mapping out a strategic route, and it has never quite worked out for many reasons. so this birthday, we were determined to make it happen. but, one thing lead to another and in my planning i accidentally came across bioluminescent water (google it!) could it be? here in florida? does this even exist here? i'd have you know, it does! so the spring trip quickly went out the window as i tried to figure out how to make it to the bioluminescent kayak tour two hours north of us in the middle of the night, and find a hotel within a reasonable distance. this is how we ended up near orlando. "hmm, orlando? wasn't there a cute little town near by that i've been meaning to go to? why, yes, winter park!" so, that is how my florida-springs-tour-birthday-trip turned into a magical-bioluminescent-winter-park-birthday-trip. i have no regrets. the springs will always be there for me.

we booked with a day away kayak tours, and loved it all. i don't actually have pictures from the tour since it was super dark and knowing me, i would have dropped my camera/phone in the water. but seriously google it. the one picture to the bottom left is an idea of what this water looked like. 

magical + spectacular.

we kayaked from about 11pm to 1 am and then drove to orlando. 
in the morning, on my birthday, the husband left a beautiful box filled with goodies by my pillow. and get this, he 
actually knew to take a picture!

he made it. by hand. and stained it. o, how i love him.
and then he filled it with goodies i could wear.
breakfast at cask & larder

no joke, i walked out, and v's standing like he's waiting for the next train [or trying to model for gq].
it seems appropriate to have the ones that birthed me, with me, no?
popped into sister store, swine & sons and drooled over more food and goodies.
we leisurely walked to the scenic boat tours only to learn that a major storm is on the horizon and if we wanted 
a tour, we had one minute! one minute! so we hulled @$$ to the car for some cash, threw sharick in with us, 
and took in the views. gorgeous. doesn't it look like a scene from fern gully?
the boat tour takes you through winter park's chain of lakes and canals. 
and then the storm reared it's head, and it was no joke. 
so we got soaked. so did sharick.
my most favorite stationer, rifle paper co. swoon.
and then it rained again. a lot. but i did't mind one bit.
my birthday dinner was at the ravenous pig.
and the day ended as such. with good food, my husband and parents. 
in the morning, we packed up, and headed out.
breakfast at tr fire grill. we were either really hungry, or the food was really that good. i say the later.
not my birthday anymore, but let's celebrate anyway, ok?
and that's how it's done. 
oh but wait, there's dessert. deep fried stuffed french toast with a side of bacon—but, of course!
the fam!
thanks folks for visiting. 
if you're from florida, this little town is super cute and fun for a day trip.



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