Thursday, August 4, 2016

proposal (n): an offer of marriage

the sweetest, most gentle soul received the surprise of her life when roland proposed to kristin this past weekend. 
and, what an honor to have been included in such an anticipated and special day.

 quail creek plantation in okeechobee
waiting for the woman of the hour to arrive for "the big question..."
the goods. 
enough said.
his smile says it all. 
he exemplified coolness and calmness on his most put-on-the-spot-day.
that's not snow, but a downpour.
[welcome to florida]
our big task was to make sure we spelled out "will you marry me?" correctly.
and she said yes! yes! yes!
[i know the picture is blurry, but it's the only one i had of them right after the big moment, and i love it]
gathering the crew for that standard picture. 
after the rain settled down, the newly engaged couple took a walk down a gorgeous tree canopy path
  which displayed seventy-five reasons why roland loves kristin.
swoon. tons of heart-eye emojis.
 shout-out to mandy prosser for her hard work in all the journey walk design and decor.
no detail was missed.
could they be any happier!?
and then the food came, and i of course had to take pictures of it because it was steak-heaven.
and this bread pudding ... it has no words. 
not pictured is a cheesecake that v and i ate for breakfast, and a birthday cake (because, why not?!)
v ... probably checking out the wood-work. as per usual.
and this picture is epic.
1. v is carrying my purse as if it's his, because, he's that classy of a husband!
2. conversations about canada with mr. yee
trying to fit in at a hunting lodge with a pink shirt is no easy task. 
good thing he's got a cowboy by his side to round him out!
i cannot wait for this lucky girl's big day.



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