Thursday, September 22, 2016

• a birthday for my love •

is it still appropriate to be all excited to celebrate my husbands birthday? 
it is, right? 
and is it okay that he is over thirty? 
i was thinking the same thing. 

here it goes...

part I festivities: just us two. 
all oysters. all the times. 
he ate, and he ate, until he could eat no more.
spoto's oyster bar is a no fail.
if you called him to wish him a happy birthday, you made his day. 
that's probably him on the phone with you.
part II festivities: breakfast
breakfast at our favorite ... sara's kitchen
part III festivities: family
we got together with family to sit around a table, eat, talk, and enjoy. 
thanks to the our small fam-bunch that came out to celebrate.
reading birthday texts.
here's to you my love. 
and many more!


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