Tuesday, September 20, 2016

kristina + taras wedding || september 2015 || one year anniversary

the wedding of kristina & taras. 
beautiful couple. beautiful day.

don't ask way i didn't hit publish on my blog a year ago ... but for some reason, time dragged on and it
 never happened. so here we are, one year later. 
i look back at all these pictures with such fondness. what a beautiful couple indeed—both on the day of their 
wedding and the months that followed as husband & wife. it was lovely to get to know the mr. & mrs. when 
they visited florida or on our group texts that spur over random thoughts. love it! 

wishing this young couple so many delightful years by each others side. 
happy one year anniversary mr. & mrs.!

and now the deets from a year ago ...

the "important" prep began the night before and always includes more than candy. we ukies need kolbasa for fuel.
pastel macaron heaven.
the morning of september 20, 2015. 
ethereal was a perfect word to describe the day—from the bride herself and her layers of gown, to the ceremony 
and reception draped in white linen and gorgeous white and blush florals.   

woah family!

so proud these studs are my family.
pure comedy show with the brothers of the bride and their well-wishes.

congratulations mr. and mrs. kravchuck.



  1. Hi! This is such a beautiful wedding! Do you by any chance know where she got her bridesmaids dresses?

    1. Hi Irina! Sorry I am so delayed in my reply. If it still helps, she said she got the dresses from an online site called DHGate. Hope it helps!