Friday, October 28, 2016

• a cabin in the fall •

the pros and cons of living in florida are: 
con: no changes in the seasons.
pro: being really [really] excited to see the seasons change when you travel.
of course, the list is endless, but for the purpose of this post, we'll stick to those facts. 
this is the exact reason why driving twelve hours to take in the beauty and delicacy of fall was so worth it for us. 
most of my family/friends have fall in their back yards, and of that i am so jealous [at least for about a month 
before the temps dip below 40º]—but to be fair, and to stick up for my hot & humid florida, 
you-fall-in-the-backyard-people do not have the ocean a hop, skip, and a step away. 
juuuuust sayin.
we could have chosen many places, but we landed on mountain city, tennessee...because, well, we did. 
oh, and in the midst of all this, hurricane matthew was also on his way. we were so fortunate that he took a slight 
wobble and missed pbg/wpb with little to no damage, but we were prepared, and the whole drive up we had the 
news going. it was bittersweet the first day or so knowing what could have happened 
(and what we were prepared for) back home.
ah, the smell of crisp. nothing like it. 
haha, ain't that the truth!?
testing out the four wheelers. 
i know there is evidence of me on it, but don't be fooled, it was short-lived.
watching hurricane matthew all the day long... 
but the next morning, we watched the fog roll out.
our first full day was a bit drizzly and foggy. we stayed home. sat on the porch, chatted, kept a fire going 
well into the late afternoon. relaxed and just breathed. exactly what we came to do.
v in sweatpants. lol. so rare
at some point the boys went back outside [in the cold and wet] to ride the four wheelers. i stayed home to read, 
drink hot tea, write a bit, and maybe i even took a nap. all i know, it was perfection.
new day, new changes to the leaves.
we rented bikes for the 17mile creeper trail, weird name, i know, 
but it's the retired railway corridor of the virginia-carolina railroad.
stopped to rest and found deep fried oreos.
my florida blood was not prepared for the following morning...
i really love this picture because they look like little kids on a saturday morning.
and after cereal...riding u.s. 421 "the snake."
the snake: 33 miles, 489 curves, three mountains, and one valley. 
makes me nauseous writing this out.
boys snapped a few pictures [how kind of them!]
the picture to the left indicates from where people traveled to ride this road.

later that day, we drove the blueridge parkway for a bit [not long enough, in my opinion] 
and then made our way to grandfather mountain to hike. 
there were often points along the way when v would pick the pine, rub it in his hands, and smell it. 
he kept saying he wants to "bottle up that smell." 
well, honey, they already do, it's called essential oils, and then there's bath and body works! 
how majestic...this is a favorite of mine.
super windy that day. 
as we climbed higher you seriously had to hold your balance from the wind.
grandfather mountain is also home to the mile high swinging bridge. 
it's only terrifying when you walk across the whole thing. and then there are those brilliant ones that follow 
behind you and see if they can make it (insert eye-rolling emoji).
about an hour before we got on, they closed it down due to winds reading above 60mph. yeah, no thank you. 
we'll wait this one out. and we did, but it was still super windy. 
worth the walk across, but not worth me holding a phone or my v did. 
that below is the view driving down the mountain. see the tiny curvy road? it's like that all the way down. 
not for the unexperienced driver, or one that forgot their glasses. 
the day we left, the fog and the sunrise were the best.
our little crew. 
such a fun time!
until next time fall.


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