Wednesday, May 9, 2012

family memos part I

this past weekend we traveled back home to Syracuse (our old home). my little brother graduated from Roberts Wesleyan College - i'm o so proud of him. this also meant seeing family, friends, babies and our Sharick for the first time since we moved to Florida. 

here is a snippet of what the weekend consisted of (in no particular order): packing my stuff.  packing husbands stuff (am I the only one?).  airport food.  gossip magazines.  spring.  bright window views at my parent's house.  witnessing grandma feed my precious Sharick table scraps.  grandpa reading me the first two pages of his book word-for-word in Ukrainian.  volume control pacifiers.  friends moving into their newly built homes.  dinosaur BBQ.  Ella.  cap n gowns.  button bracelets.  Daria.  sock buns.  Rochester.  being cold.  Sharick not wanting to sleep with us on the bed (painful).  super-short boy shorts.  slightly longer boy shorts.  mamas cabbage salad.  grandma's famous one-liners.  going out to do stuff past 9pm (huge!).  New York wine ice cream.  'splash of grenadine' essie nail polish.  lilacs. 

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