Saturday, February 23, 2013

to market! to market!

the saturday morning west palm beach green market.  one (of the many) beautiful benefits of living in south florida, no snow, slush or cold weather to bare during the market trips.  yeah for that.  i primarily went because i've heard about this market since i've moved here but have never gone.  

but i also went because i've been craving fresh tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella and super dense rye bread.  and these cravings have everything to do with the weather.  you see, this whole past week on my drive to work in particular, i am continually reminded of the first beginnings of summer.  

the crisper nights and warm mornings. 
the breeze that makes me want to prop myself in front of the window all evening.  
the promising sun that's not too hot in the morning but still lets you know it'll be there all day to burn you. 
the perfect humidity that allows you to have a hair style but also lets you know it's summer and not to go too crazy with curls that will never stay.  
the people waiting at the bus stops and riding their bikes.  
the smell of cut grass - is undeniably summer. 

these things happen all the time in south florida, yes, but for some reason this past week it was more noticeable.  more nostalgic.  more summer-like.  all i wanted to do on my drive to work was to turn around, go home, make a strawberry rhubarb pie and put a giant bowl of lemons on my counter and then prepare myself some sliced tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, topped with oil, salt and basil for lunch while my windows and doors are flung open! (the pie is yet to be done, but the tomatoes and windows have been fulfilled).  i savor these moments and feelings because of the lack of seasons here and i guess i am trying to hold onto as much change in this weather as i can.  so what, that february in south florida feels like july in new york!  i will continue to savor these moments as long as i can and i will create seasons as long as the weather, clothes, leaves, decorations and celebrations change - even in opposite months.   


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