Sunday, March 24, 2013

nostalgic visit to philly.

a too-short visit to philadelphia to see my dear friend lauren. her and i went to college together. we roomed together our sophomore year and then junior and senior year. we also lived together in philadelphia after graduation in a one bedroom apartment on the third floor in the middle of august with no ac. we would take walks in rittenhouse park late at night to cool off and tried hard not to move while sleeping. i've lived longer with her than with my husband at this point. she's a gem and a favorite of mine. and i miss her dearly. 
trying canal├ęs for the first time. 
a delicious small french pastry with a soft custard center and a dark carmel crust.  
a steven starr bbq place on frankford ave. 
having coffee for the first time since the new year.
a collection of israeli food for breakfast, plus eggs, plus green juice. 
and since the weather was gorgeous - we put the top down. 
terrain, glen mills pa
for inspiration and sticker shock. 
citron and rose, merion pa
and last of all, a trip to philly is not complete without a trip to dibruno bros.


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